Starting on 15th January 2024, weather permitting, and lasting until early May, we will be carrying out the following work:

  • Building a new extension to the north-west corner of the hall, to incorporate 5 unisex toilets, one of which has baby-changing facilities, and a wheelchair-accessible toilet for the disabled. This disabled toilet will have access from inside the hall, but also from outside via a path down the outside of the hall, so it can be used by anyone in the area who is in need. Copies of the architect’s plans can be seen here: Layout Plans, Elevations and 3D Images.
  • Installing roof lights to the kitchen.
  • Converting the existing toilets to storage space. This will allow us to remove the storage container currently to the East of the hall.
  • Replacing the hall floor, incorporating insulation underneath.
  • Adding insulation to the ceiling, re-plastering and decorating.
  • Installing infra-red heaters on the hall ceiling, in the kitchen and the new toilets, with programmable controls.

A lot of this work will be carried our externally, so the hall will remain open for weekday evening activities, Saturdays from noon onwards and all day Sundays. There will be a period of total closure necessary however when the doorway through to the hall is constructed, the floor replaced and the ceiling work done. These closures are reflected in the booking system. During the closed period, alternative accommodation has been offered to our regular users, who should be contacted for details.

This has all been possible because of a number of generous grants from funding institutions – check out the news page for press releases.