As we head into October we thought it might be helpful to update you on the outcomes of one of the recent meetings when we talked about the increase in hall usage and knock on playground occupancy.  When we held our AGM, we shared with you the excellent progress that we are making and our ambitious plans to build new toilets and continue the repairs and ongoing maintenance of the hall. 

That’s being said, all these lovely improvements need funds, some of which will come from grants: but there’s still a need for good rental income through the hall.  There is as a result of a very careful balance to be struck between increased hall usage, parking etc and the financial benefits this gives us.

As we get busier we don’t want to lose sight of our local residents and the benefits the hall and playground bring to our village.  As such we wanted to share with you some changes that we will be making to our terms of hire and the agreements we have made with our most frequent hirers.
The changes we are making as are as follows. We are:

  • Setting a maximum threshold of numbers for children’s events
  • Giving clear guidance on supervision
  • Creating new signage to confirm the playground remains open at all times for the community with the exception of a small number of bigger events throughout the year
  • Making an annual contribution to the playground upkeep
  • Holding no more than 4 large scale events each year
  • Creating time through the week when the playground will be for exclusive community access – this will be between 10.00 and 12.00 on weekdays
  • Clarifying parking arrangements in our terms and conditions

The conditions come into immediate effect and have been fully embraced by our hirers.
We continue to move forward with our developments within the hall and we are keen to continue getting feedback from our village.  If anyone has any suggestions or ideas – or indeed any feedback at all – then please email me.

Finally, we are always looking for more volunteers.  We have a wide range of small occasional jobs, so if you fancy getting involved then we would love to hear from you.

Thank You
Brian Eldred