Start of Hire Checklist


Checking In

We want to make your time in the hall as pleasant as possible, this start of hire checklist provides you with all the necessary information you need to make your hire a success.

Print the Start of Hire checklist


The front door key is located in a key box to the left of the door. The access code will be supplied ahead of your event.

The Fire evacuation plan is located on the notice board on the left hand side as you enter the hall together with Hall contact details.

Locate the fire extinguishers to be found –

  • 2 in the main hall on the left hand side – one CO2 and one water – please read the instructions on how to operate
  • 1 in the passage way near the back door– water
  • 1 in the kitchen – water
  • 1 Fire blanket in the kitchen

Locate the emergency exits – there are two – the main front door and one at the rear of the passage way.

Locate the first aid box situated in the kitchen on the wall behind the bar.

The heating is controlled using the thermostat only – please note the heating is controlled by moving the thermostat from 8C to the required temperature.

The lights are controlled using the light panel behind the bar on the left hand side as you enter through to the bar area.