End of Hire Checklist


Checking out

We want to make your time in the hall as pleasant as possible, this end of hire checklist provides you with all the necessary information you need to make your hire a success.

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All chairs, tables and other furniture moved during a hiring have been cleaned and returned to their storage positions.

Please avoid dragging furniture across the floor as this damages the floor.

The chairs should be stacked three high and placed around the walls.

Please take all your rubbish away with you and can we respectfully ask that the rubbish is not left in the street by the council bin.

Kitchen work-surfaces, cooker and sink should be wiped down and left clean and tidy. All cleaning products can be found below the kitchen sink.

All kitchen electrical equipment should be turned off.

The fridge must be emptied, cleaned and left closed and on.

All crockery etc. to be washed and re-stacked.

Please ensure that all lighting has been turned off.

Clean and flush all toilets before leaving.

Please report any damage or breakages to the Village Hall Secretary as detailed on the notice board.

Please notify Village Hall Secretary, if the First Aid box has been used and details of any accidents/incidents for our records.

At the end of an event please place the key in the key box and rotate the code dials.

All windows and fire doors should be secured before vacating premises.